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  • Advantages of e recruitment

    There are several advantages of e-recruitment for both employers and job seekers:

    1. Cost savings: E-recruitment can be more cost-effective than traditional recruitment methods, as it eliminates the need for printing and mailing resumes and job advertisements.

    2. Time savings: E-recruitment can be faster than traditional recruitment methods, as it allows companies to review resumes and applications more quickly and schedule interviews with a larger number of candidates more efficiently.

    3. Wider reach: E-recruitment allows companies to reach a larger pool of candidates, as job openings can be advertised online and viewed by people around the world.

    4. Improved accuracy: Online assessment tools can help companies identify candidates who are the best fit for the job based on their skills, knowledge, and other qualifications.

    5. Convenience: E-recruitment allows both employers and job seekers to conduct the recruitment process from anywhere with an internet connection, making it more convenient for both parties.

    6. Increased diversity: E-recruitment can help companies attract a more diverse pool of candidates, as it allows them to reach people from different backgrounds and locations.

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